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TEC GT3 by BBS with Formula1 technologie 18-20"

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Main features:
Made in Germany by BBS
Made with Formula1 technology

Diameter: 18 inch
Width: 8.0 inch
Bolt pattern: 5x112
ET: 45 mm
Weights: 9.0x20 - 12,5 kg, 10.5x20 - 13,3 Kg
TUV and ABE certificated!

Available PCD: 5x100, 5x105, 5x108, 5x110, 5x112, 5x114.3 5x115, 5x120 

Shiny red
Mate grey
Polished silver spokes with mate black inside

The wheels are available in following sizes as well:
8.0x18 red and matte grey 212.00 Euro/qt incl VAT machined face 226.00 Euro/qt incl VAT
8.5x19,red and matte grey 263.00 Euro/qt incl VAT machined face 278.00 Euro/qt incl VAT
9.5x19 red and matte grey 278.00 Euro/qt incl VAT machined face 292.00 Euro/qt incl VAT
*9.0x20    red and matte grey 341.00 Euro/qt incl VAT machined face 355.00 Euro/qt incl VAT
*10.5x20  red and matte grey 355.00 Euro/qt incl VAT machined face 369.00 Euro/qt incl VAT

Through the flow forming process, made for the motorsport, the 20 inch wheels is real lightweight.
As a result of inwards of set, the GT3 is distinguish by the very aggressive spoke design. The individual laser
inscription of the flange gives this wheel the fine tuning.
The weight reduction is about 20inch wheel, thanks to the FLOW FORMING process. 

The TEC company founded in 1990 and started to build a state-of-the-art alloy wheel manufacturing facility. ASA went to BBS in Germany to tap the best technical knowledge in facility design, manufacturing processes and quality controls for producing high quality alloy wheels.
ASA obtained ISO9001 and QS9000 certification.The size and color range is huge, from 15 to 22 inch with content of special sized wheels like Speedwheels EVO (S), which manufactured for Porsche cars only or the GT3 type. These wheels are made in 100% in Germany. The wheels are available for every makes.
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